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2018/2019 Wedding Venue price list

As the ceremonies we cater for are all bespoke we have reviewed our pricing structure and it is now as follows:

First 2 hours – £275

Subsequent hours till 6pm – £75

6pm onwards – price on application


Are we able to camp in the woods?

We are able to accommodate some camping in the woods. We are unlimited if people are hammock and bivvy camping but tents will be limited due to the nature of the environment


Is there any accommodation near by?

Yes, Nailsworth has plenty of accommodation and is only a ten minute drive away. This could be a great solution for a larger number of guests as then they could share in the hire of a mini bus to ferry people to and from the woods. Again, there are some local minibus hire companies that will be more than happy to help.


What footwear will I need?

It is an outdoor venue and the aim is to keep the woodland as natural as possible. If there has been a lot of rain then wellies or boots maybe a good idea. Don’t need to skimp on style though, I wore boots under my wedding dress!


2018/2019 Naming Ceremony price list

Prices start from £275 – further details upon request


Where do the guests park?

There is limited amount of parking in the woods which should be reserved for people who may need to park a little closer. There is also parking on the track leading up tho the woods. Depending in the time of year it may be possible to rent a small area of the neighbouring field for parking…..once the hay has been cut!

However, once we begin to get more regular bookings we hope to rent an area of the neighbouring field for parking all year round.


Can we have music?

We welcome music but you need to remember the woods is off grid so it maybe worth considering an acoustic band or if your caterers have brought generators they may allow you to run a cable from their supply for an amp. However, our neighbours are not too close but I still don’t think they would appreciate very loud music into the early hours. Therefore we say all music and loud noises must stop at 11pm. After that you can feel free to sit around and chat by all means with soft background music.


Can I bring my dog?

If the Bride and Groom are happy for you to do so then dogs are welcome but they MUST be kept on short leads, no flexi-leads! Not everyone likes dogs and if there are small children with food in their hands that may be too tempting for even the best trained dog. However, any mess must be picked up. Nobody wants dog mess on their best outdoor wedding gear!

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