Hazel arch under construction. Soon to be ready to be decorated in flowers of your choosing.

There could be no nicer way to frame your eco-friendly, outdoor, celebration. Be it a Rustic Woodland Wedding, Naming Ceremony or even Renewal of Vows. Picture standing underneath a Hazel archway. Now imagine it adorned with flowers, in the middle of the woods with the sounds of nature all around.
Construction of a Hazel archway has started over the past few days. Finding myself with some rare, quiet moments and it is going well….so far! Looking almost like a church aisle leading to a rustic arch. Here, the most traditional, rustic woodland wedding ceremony can take place.
What could be better than being surrounded by nature when celebrating something as natural as a couples love for each other?

Wandering round the woods thinking of arches and nature provides. A circle of trees with a sycamore which has bent over in the middle of the circle offers an alternative set up. Family and friends can surround you witnessing one of the most important ceremonies of your life in the most natural of settings.

Nature provides a natural arch.

Beautifully decorated arch

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